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Samut Prakan through our lens : TakeMeTour’s Review

Samut prakan is a big province that sits just south of Bangkok at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. From Siam, it will take less than 30 minutes by BTS to reach this province! It is so close to Bangkok, with a lot that you can see and do with nature, sightseeing, eating, shopping, and much more. Want something different from the busy Bangkok? Then consider coming to Samut Prakan! Let's explore what you can do at Samut prakan with us!

6 popular things to do in Samut Prakan

1. Cycling

Bang Kra Chao is considered to be Bangkok's green lung, which is excellent for cycling. A lot of Thai people will come here to cycle around this area as a means to get away from the hectic environment within Bangkok. Rent a bicycle and start cycling!

2. Floating market

Coming to Thailand without visiting a floating market means you didn't actually reach proper Thailand. Most floating markets are quite far away from Bangkok but Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market is really close to Bangkok, which is worth a visit. Come here with an empty stomach so you can try all different types of Thai food and desserts that are on sale here.

3. Visit Thai navy warship

It isn't that easy to be able to visit a navy warship area and fort in Thailand but if you come to Samut prakan, the local guides can take you there for a visit. Experience how the navy works at the Chulachomklao Fort and then you can even enjoy seafood while watching sunset at the navy restaurant.

4. Ancient City

With only one day, you will be able to visit the whole of Thailand here at the Ancient City. The Ancient City is considered to be the world's largest outdoor museum. Ancient Siam's area corresponds roughly to the shape of Thailand and the best part is that each famous tourist monument lies at its correct place geographically. Come here ready to take a lot of photos!

5. Erawan Museum

If you’re in the mood for strolling in a museum, then you can also make a visit to Erawan Museum. Visit Erawan Museum and enjoy the specular giant three-headed elephant display. Inside the museum, you can also explore the beautiful fairy sculptures and stunning Thai wall paintings. Art lovers should not miss this place!

6. Watch sunset

End your Samut prakan trip by watching the sunset at Bang Pu seaside. You can take awesome photos with the seagulls flying around you.

Next time you visit Samut Prakan, don't forget to check out all these recommended places. Have fun at Samut Prakan! Sa-wad-dee-ka.

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