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Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or a long break from the chaos of city life, Kampot is the place to be. Its beautiful nature, antique French buildings and an eclectic range of restaurants and bars have attracted many travellers both inside and outside Cambodia. Kampot is also a haven for budget travellers, where affordable, high-quality accommodation can easily be found, some even along the gorgeous winding river. Even better, it’s not over-crowded yet. So, come embrace the slow life and explore Kampot’s many charms today!

Top 8 Things To Do While Traveling in Kampot  

1. Try the durian   

Once in Kampot, you’ll notice a roundabout with a durian statue standing tall and proud. One of the stars of the province, the yellow fruit with its tan spiky shell is a favorite among locals. Though you might wrinkle your nose at its pungent smell, its sweet, creamy insides might just win you over. In any case, trying it is simply an experience you cannot miss. 

2. Fall in love with Kampot Pepper

Another icon in Kampot is its incredible pepper, specially home-grown and distinct to the region. Once you’ve tried the signature stir-fried crab with Kampot pepper, your taste buds might be so enchanted you’ll want to know everything about this peppery goodness. What better way to do so than to head straight to the pepper farms? On the way, why not stop by the salt farm as well? Salt and pepper go together after all!

3. Step into the history of the architecture

Relics from Cambodia's French colonial past stand the test of time in Kampot city. A mix of renovated and dilapidated, the quaint buildings now range from restaurants to government offices. Their pretty façades also hold a lot of history. While they served their purposes under the French colony, some of them were also used during the Khmer Rouge regime, a period of extremem communism that saw almost 2 million citizens killed or died of starvation. There’s no better way to delve deeper into their history than to take a stroll with a local, so if you’ve got time to spare, this is definitely recommended.  

4. Rent a motorbike or bicycle to explore 

In Kampot, you won’t find the crazy traffic you do in Phnom Penh. Getting around is easy and even relaxing. While you can certainly get on a tuk-tuk to explore the area, why not have total control of your trip with your own ride? Around the durian roundabout, you will find many shops that provide motorbike rentals. Prices are around $5-$6 for a day. You can also rent bikes for $2. Set off to the Kampot market for cheap delicious food, or go farther to the Bokor Mountain and the surrounding countryside for the sceneries. Or the rest of the places in this list!

5. Visit Anlong Khiev Waterfall (ទឹកធ្លាក់ អន្លង់ខៀវ)  

You’ll find the wonderful Anlong Khiev Waterfall hidden away in the ecotourism community Prek Thnout (also called Anlong Thom Natural Resort) located about 30 km away from Kampot city. Crowned by trees and boulders, the clear pond is fed by the water flowing from the foot of Bokor Mountain. You can even dive from one of the boulders into the cool water. Feel instantly refreshed while swimming with the schools of tiny fish! The simple beauty of it all will steal your heart. 

6. Plant a Mangrove Tree 

At Trapeang Sangkae Community, locals are joining together to build a healthy habitat for fish by planting and caring for the flooded mangrove trees. The best part is you can help plant one too! There are also lots of other activities to do at the ecotourism site. You can take a boat tour through the mangrove forest, kayak or swim. The community also provides lunch services, and you can enjoy the fresh air while eating in the bungalows. By visiting, you'll be directly helping the community's livelihood and protect the forest! 

7. Venture into the caves 

Here’s a fantastic hidden spot for adventure-seekers: a temple nestled in a cave! Between Kampot and the nearby province Kep lies Phnom Chhnork, the limestone mountain housing a small brick temple from the Funan era (7th century). You will need to climb over 200 steps on the hillside to reach the entrance, but the fascinating inside will be worth it. Getting there and navigating in the cave are tough and confusing though, so we recommend having a local with you. Another stop you need to take on the road to Kep is in Kampong Trach, where a series of caves are home to pagodas and shrines. The area was also one of the last strongholds of the Khmer Rouge.  

8. Head to Rabbit Island 

When we said the nearby province of Kep earlier, we meant really nearby. In fact, a car or bus ride there from Kampot takes only around 30 minutes. But for this getaway, we will need go on a boat ride because just off the coast of Kep is the small, quiet Rabbit Island. Here is the place to disconnect from your worries and technologies. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation bathing in the sun, getting a massage or snorkeling in the clear blue water. You can pack this sweet escape all in a day as it takes only about 3 hours for a round trip between Kampot and the island. 

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