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Bang Krachao is known among the locals as Bangkok’s hidden green oasis. If you are tired of the skyscrapers, shopping centers, tourist spots with many visitors, this place is the perfect choice for you! It’s also not hard to get to since it’s nestled near Bangkok in Samut Prakan province. Due to the big amount of lush trees that could clean up air pollution, this hidden urban oasis is one of the favorite spots for nature lovers. So, why not add Bang Krachao into your next to-go list in Bangkok

This place was originally a place where the Mon and Burmese came to settle in small populations. From those days until today, Bang Krachao is required to remain undeveloped commercially in order to preserve this untouched nature and unique culture of the district. 

The easiest way to get here is to take a boat from the piers at Chong Nongsi, Bang Na, and Klong Toei to cross over Bang Krachao. When you first arrive here, you would not believe your eyes because it’s such a nature paradise. Surrounded by a non-skyscraper and non-factory environment, Bang Krachao offers you an unexpected journey that you’ll feel like you’ve entered a portal to a whole new world. 

Once you take the boat across the river and finally arrive, you can find a motorbike taxi to drop you off anywhere you would like to go. Actually, the better option is to rent a bicycle is available for 50 THB per hour or 100 THB for the whole day. If you think that you would take more time to explore this paradise, renting a bicycle all day is recommended. No visit to Bang Krachao is complete without visiting Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Gardens. They contain an abundance of natural features to enjoy such as the amazing flowers, ponds, and lakes. Moreover, if you would like to feed the fish, you could decide to do so here. 

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Bang Krachao is adored and appreciated by Bangkokians, as Bangkok doesn't reserve much space for parks for people to relax. Neither it does for cyclists. Hence, such nature and safe pathways for cyclists in Bang Krachao attracts many Bangkok residents to visit, simply to have a breath of fresh air.

There are no other places like this that could present the best sense of authenticity and real Thai culture with a fair price for both local people and foreigners. So, let’s escape the chaos and visit this secret jungle oasis like a local!