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Lamphun through the Local’s lens: TakeMeTour’s review

Lamphun’s twin, Lampang is also rich with cultural sites and natural wonders. Small and 2 hours away from Chiang Mai, many travelers don’t give Lampang much thought. Still, if you love stunning cave, natural hot spring and temple on the mountains, Lampang might be your next favorite city in Northern Thailand. Find local-recommended things to do in Lampang here.

Ceramic museum  

If you have eaten at noodle stalls in Thailand before, you might have noticed the signature bowls with rooster paintings. The iconic potteries were born here in Lampang and continue to be the small city’s claim to fame. At this ceramic museum, you get to have a hands-on experience painting your very own rooster or other lovely animals. Pottery collectors will also love the mindblowing collection of dishes, bowls as well as all kinds of mugs.

Pha Thai Cave

The enormous limestone cave holds a few surprising facts. Pha Thai used to be a gigantic mountain that slowly turned into a cave some nine million years ago. Along the 1-kilometre trail inside, stalagmites and stalactites grace the ground and ceiling of the limestone wonder. Adventurers can head further into the national park area, where secret natural pool and lovely waterfall await your discovery.

Chae Sorn Hot Spring

Come here and dish up your very own soft-boiled egg in one of the nine hot springs in the Chae Sorn area. Although the water is too hot to handle, the view is stunning. Next to these steaming natural basins are bathing rooms with mineral water straight from the hot spring, but at a nice shower temperature. If you are looking to have a dip out among the nature, there are also natural hot springs at warmer temperature.

Wat Phra Bat Pu Pha Daeng

You may have said enough with temples after a few days in Thailand, but Wat Phra Bat Pu Pha Daeng might be worth a change of heart. An hour away from Lampang city, the unique temple is perched up among the green mountains. Several white and gold stupas are built upon the rocks on top of each hill, giving the whole unusual scene a serene ambiance with the floating cloud of white fog.

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